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Something Terrible Stirs In The Savage North…

Nestled within the Delimbiyr Vale, outside of picturesque Loudwater, a bustling trading hub of the North brews trouble most dire. Reports of a goblin horde massing in the nearby crags of the Greyvale are only underscored by increasingly more brazen attacks upon settlement and trade caravan alike. Indeed, it would seem that every available foul goblin within the Delimbyr Vale has been called to this truly mammoth warhost. To make matters worse, a mysterious aura of chaotic magic has descended upon Loudwater, known only as the Summonplague; it is a fell mystical curse which conjures beasts terrible and strange from all corners of unreality, seemingly only to terrorise the already panicked city.

But all is not what it seems – there are concerns by those with arcane authority that something within the Greypeak Mountains is pushing the hordes out, sending them streaming down the mountains and hills directly into the unsuspecting cities and settlements. However, that Llkorh has thus far been relatively unaffected has begun to have even normally wise minds dance with wild fantasies of a Zhentarim-based conspiracy. The stoic dwarfen mining-fortress citadel of Zhedarak however, has long been prepared for the goblin hordes, and has remained decidedly neutral in these concerns.

Meanwhile, the High Forest has become more active than usual lately, with all manner of strange fey, beast and dragon-serpent seemingly pressing against the merest hint of civilization. The elves of the High Forest, while not enemies, do seem to have their own agenda, or are extremely quiet about whatever they may know about the happenings. Considering the number of fey and dragons that roost upon the Star Mounts, they may well have problems of their own.

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