Dismissing/Familiar Replacement

The xp lost due to dismissing a familiar is 100 points per character level – notably lower than if the familiar had died – and this can be reduced further should the master succeed on a DC15 Fortitude save.

In any case, death or dismissal, you may attempt to replace a familiar after a month, instead of a year.

New Familiars

The following are acceptable familiars, and can be found within our campaign. Familiars with strange or illegal requirements (evil alignment, master be undead, ect.) are not listed, nor used. Note that to gain a non-standard familiar, you must use the improved familiar feat.

Familiar Name Arcane Caster Level Source
Gem Scarab 1st Monster Manual V, p.63
Krenshar 3rd Complete Warrior, p.100
Glacier Snake 3rd Serpent Kingdoms, p.84
Night Haunter 5th Monster of Faerun, p.18
Osquip 5th Races of Faerun, p.176
Hippogriff 7th Complete Warrior, p.100
Mephit, Any 7th Complete Scoundrel, p.78
Spark Guardian 7th Complete Warrior p.119

In addition to the above, the feats planar familiar and draconic familiar are used in this campaign. Finally, all of the above are in addition to those normally offered here

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