Darkness in the Delimbiyr

A Friend in Need

The duskblade had left due to conflicts with the Mystran – citing that he was an irresponsible fool and not of the real Mystran faith – leaving the party with only three heroes, yet still needing to discover the secrets that the Moathouse hid, in addition to needing the presence of one skilled in the arts of divine healing.

Searching out the Library of Dumathoin and seek the advice of the seers there, they discovered that nearly everyone else of wealth, position or power in Zhedarak had attempted the same. Predicting this, the Dumathanians locked their doors, delving into prayer and meditating upon the recent events, and maintaining a traditional stance of silence until they knew more. The party was met with the mithril-clad dwarven guardians of the temple, and told that none would be permitted entry, and so returned to the Allfathers Forge, the gnome psion hoping that some of the contacts through his affiliation with The Golden Gear may lead him to a private seer of sorts.

Upon return, the group were met at the forge by a pair of veterans from the goblinoid conflicts some months earlier – a clerical-seer of Oghma, and a cynical hexblade of Tymora. The hexblade said they needed an arcanist capable of blasting holes in things, and the psion said he needed a seer and a healer. The two parties became one and joined up. Unfortunately, the psion remembered that in his zeal to collect gold and gems, he accidentally sold the Torch of Revealing, an integral item to the party’s progress within the cursed the Moathouse; the seer used his divinations to scry its location and discovered a robed man speaking with a magically protected individual, flanked by heavily armoued – and scaled – bugbears.

The seer explained he felt these were agents of The Elder Elemental Eye, and revealed that they were acting under utmost secrecy, relying on the strange arcane explosion some miles away in the hills of the Greypeak Mountains to take most interest away from their own doings. Using this information, the newly-formed party planned a method of attack against a foe that was now well aware of them…



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