This mining town is more of a trading post, resting stop and working-barracks for the miners who work the nearby rock, traders bringing exotic wares and caravans coming through the some of the more treacherous parts of the Greypeak Mountains. Nevertheless, it is home to some two-thousand strong hard-working dwarves and stout northmen, with a surprisingly large number of gnomes, attracted by working their talent with metals, gems and arcana that pass through on clattering caravans.

The Merchant-Lord of Zhedarak is a gnome artificer and tinkerer known as Jemsen Thimblesdotter. He is courteous and friendly to all who meet him, but prefers to remain in the background of the goings on of the city, and almost continually shirks his official duties.


Originally founded nearly seven centuries ago by an enterprising dwarven explorer turned warrior, Zhedarak Blackstone, the town has matured at a steady pace, its population fluctuating with the comings and goings of young men, dwarves and humans alike, enamored with the prospects of a quick fortune to be made by taking up either the mining pick or the sword. Others turn to the steppes and hills as farmers who live outside the town for a good long walk, herding their goats, auroch and tending their fields of hearty grain. More than one raiding orc has learned that these weathered folk aren’t pushovers, as they organize with the main forces of Zhedarak in a moments’ notice.


Zhedarak would not be considered a pretty place to dwell to any humans’ eye, but none could claim that it wasn’t ‘beautifully functional’ as the local dwarves put it. The mining town is literally built into a gentle slope of rock, several hundred feet long, with low and squat dwellings and buildings, almost like a human town, but flooded two or so feet up the walls and doors with hard rock. A few of the buildings have taken on a more obviously gnomish aesthetic, as has the church of Garl. However, in stark contrast, the temple-libraries of Dumathoin, all but built directly into the rocky edge of town.

Zhedarak is defended by patrols of local militia-warriors, ranging in number from five to over a dozen, should the nature of the streets demand it; their full guard numbering 200 – nearly one-quarter of the town is related directly to, or knows someone in the militia. Twenty guardsmen are accounted through an acting officer, and five of those officers report to Churlington Brightsmile, a jovial gnome who was appointed because of his practicality, wisdom, as well as magical knack for discovering the best course of action for local squabbles, or other disputes; typically at a time when most heads involved have become far too hot.

Places of Interest

Firewater’s Rest, a bustling tavern and Inn that has the distinction of being the only one in town.

Library of Dumathoin, this temple-keep is a stronghold of the dwarven god of secrets.

Temple of Garl Glittergold, a temple to the gnome deity that can easily double as a fest-hall.

Traveller’s Trade, a grand and sprawling market that is home to a surprising amount of trinkets, objects and information; most goods are brought overland, but the dwarves of Zhedarak do unearth some worthy items now and then.

Allfathers Forge this is a massive, stone-hewn complex, carved directly into the side of the mountain.


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