The Scarlet Shield

This roadhouses’ services are deliberately rustic, as are its furnishings; its prices are the same as the Harp, except it caters to those wishing a less rowdy atmosphere. Older folk and wizened farmers of Loudwater call the Scarlet Shield home, after a long day in the field or in the shop. Its fare is passable, yet nourishing, for people in their twilight of life. More youthful patrons may find it dull and bland, if not filling.

Owned by Danton Scarlet a lively fellow of tall tales, who, if believed, would have you under the impression that the scarlet shield hanging upon the wall was involved in no less than a half-dozen adventures that involved horrible spell-battles, creeping undead and generally fantastic, yet entirely fake-sounding happenings.

Ironically, the crimson shield behind the bar does register faintly as magical, but noone has yet determined its exact effects.

Guild Opportunities: Headhunters

An extremely lose collection of trohpy and big-game hunters has purchased the wine cellar from Mr Scarlet, and secretly holds their hunts and meetings here. The Headhunters, as they are known, are lead by local a massively-muscled man who stands a full 7’ tall, named Olag Firkraag. His current claim to fame is the trophy of a Spellwarped, Half-Fang-Dragon, Razor Boar that hangs on the wall. He claims that with nary a scratch, the beast could shatter magical defenses, drain the very spirit of life from a body, as well as cleft the head clean from the neck. He is sullen over this bittersweet victory and mentions he lost many friends that day, and mutters it was from some ancient arcane vault hidden deep within the Greypeak Mountains.

Looking to perhaps replenish their ranks, the Headhunters have recently opened new membership; applicants are warned by Olag to not hunt anything with ”…parents bigger than this city block. So wyrmlings are right out.”

The Scarlet Shield

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