the Moathouse

Although most tales and legends surrounding this abandoned manor house seem to indicate great age and prestige, it appears to be much less than a century old, but was abandoned well before this. The now-fallen, dwarven manor house is secluded at the base of a large wooded quarry, strewn with rocks, boulders and a brackish mire that never fully flooded the moat as the designers intended it to. All but one of its towers have fallen, and its thick stone walls are collapsed in more than one place.

A local favorite for the restless youth of Zhedarak, this place has little beyond sentiment or curiosity to draw visitors. However, for reasons beyond even the seers of the Library of Dumathoin, this place and the broken lands surrounding it always seem to attract gatherings of mindless, shambling undead. Never large enough to threaten Zhedarak, it is enough to prompt concern, and an annual extermination campaign is carried out by those in the church.

Recent investigations by a troupe of heroic adventurers from parts unknown have revealed that this ruined fortress may be host to a collective of the Elder Elemental Eye, a bizarre cult long thought dead.

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the Moathouse

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