The Journal of Gheznor Tonoff

The following are excerpts from several scrolls that were lashed together with sinew – these pages are all that remains of the journal of Gheznor Tonoff, a fire-worshipper of The Elder Elemental Eye.

Four weeks prior: I do not claim to understand fully the workings of the Great Church and the Masters … Their alliance with these foul-smelling brutes is one that surprises me. I had assumed that we were the favored of The Elder Eye. Who are these scaly goblin-scum to tell us what to do?

Three weeks prior: An endless void upon thee, Zhedarak! I’ve not enjoyed my brief stay here. The food from the inn … was very good, however. Auroch cured very nicely. What is that seasoning that the rock-biters have? No matter, when they are all dead … discover the secrets of its preparation. Praise be to the Elder Elemental Eye!

Two weeks prior: Just as the Darkdreamers proclaimed, the Dark Obelisk is here! … under a pool in a carved-out cave, clearly missed earlier but … discovered that below the pool was a shaft with a false bottom, sealed for many years. Once drained … down into a wondrous cave pulsating with the power of The Elder Eye. O great day! … fill up the pool and hide the cave from unworthy eyes! … constructed the Obelisk to honor and commune with The Elder Eye.

Six days prior: Alas! Foul scaled beasts! What cruel fate has befallen us? It must be a test sent to us from beyond—we , the chosen of Fire, must now go on without the leadership of Master Thaque, may his soul rest with He Who Watches, in the black embrace of the peaceful void. … trapped here for a time. Blasted fool of the Water cult Festrath cannot convince the scaled bugbears to assault that pack of drakes … they share the same blood, I swear You Who Watch, that it is a conspiracy against us!

Two days prior: Such blessings and curses, my Lord! Kelraana, the foul and insincere witch encountered mercenaries from Zhedarak but … was stolen! They KNEW when, someone TOLD them! The relics were barely unearthed for an HOUR! Deliver us from conspiracy , You Who Watch! HE TOLD THEM! That wretch in Brittlebury TOLD THEM! They work for HIM! What fools we were to think that he died in the fire, without seeing his roasted bones … The RISK is too much … we move in the night, through the hidden grates … lose the OBLEISK, we cannot lose the OBLESIK, it holds SECRETSWHISPERS

Yesterday: … it stalks me … it is not from the others! … it cannot let me go, it does not listen, it barks in tongues, screeching vultures, shadows … OUTSIDE MY DOOR … I beseech thee, Elder Eye, for my very soul, send help for your

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The Journal of Gheznor Tonoff

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