The Gods' Halls

This temple, like many others in frontier towns, holds many small shrines to various benevolent deities and admits any who wish to enter. At any given time, it is housed of no less than two attendants who may minister to wounded adventurers, or offers their prayers for coin. While not running a charity for adventurers, most neutral and good-aligned folk will find that their grevious wounds will be tended to with no questions asked. High Auspician Deraan the Fortunate, a jovial half elf currently holds authority over the temple. In keeping with his patron Tymora, he seems to prefer adventurers over regular folk.

This temple holds shrines to Lathander, Tempus, Mystra, Tymora and Waukeen, as well as a half-dozen smaller shrines to lesser-known deities of the north. There are no evil deities, nor is their worship permitted, within the Gods’ Halls. Such would invoke the ire of both the temple itself, but also the rest of Loudwater.

Guild Opportunities: The Keepers Of The Seal

Deraan the Fortunate is the local affiliate of an extremely loose network of sages, philosophers and archivists sprawling all of Faerun, who seek to safeguard it from otherworldly threats and fell terrors. Known as the Keepers of the Seal, he considers Loudwater the last line of defence against the savage hordes, burning daemons and horrible dragons of the surrounding area. Thusly, he is greatly troubled by the recent events within loudwater, and actively encourages any he senses are of apt ability to join the Keepers. As he and his immediate apprentices spend much time in research and meditation, the Keepers now accept more mobile, action-oriented petitioners to their organization.

The Gods' Halls

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