the Elder Elemental Eye

A mysterious cult that began in the underdark nearly three centuries ago. It is rumoured to have been started by disenfranchised drow, in hopes of securing a secret power apart from the demon goddess of the drow race, Lolth. Rumour holds that they were discovered and beset from both sides – stabbed from beneath by their fellow drow in the underdark and crushed from above by the crusading surface races. The Elder Elemental Eye perished within a month of its discovery and to this day there are no known survivors. Additionally, there are almost no remains or literature of the cult’s teachings, and it is widely considered mere curios by most professional scholars and clerics learned in the fields of such study.

The dwarven libraries of Zhedarak have very little material on the cult, but most of this is speculation, as written and proposed by the Doomwardens of Dumathoin. A particularly learned scholar of the Doomwardens claimed to have learned through prayer and divine insight that the Elder Elemental Eye was attempting, through bizarre ritual and massive sacrifice, to summon a destructive demon from another reality, to battle and defeat Lolth. Thankfully, he records, they were wildly unsuccessful.

Through recent discoveries made by heroes residing within Zhedarak, several of their brightest minds conspired to reveal that the Elder Elemental Eye is in fact, an “aspect” of Ghaunadaur, the Formless God, created originally to mask the cult from the eyes of the world and draw potential worshippers interested in both the power of raw elemental, as well as dark power but afraid of the reputation of an utterly alien horror of the Underdark. So, despite the fact that many of the worshippers of the Elder Elemental Eye do not know it, and despite the fact that the two deities have seemingly different agendas, granted abilities and powers, Ghaunadaur and the Elder Elemental Eye are the same deity.

Artefacts of the Elder Elemental Eye

Through their travels, the party has discovered several locations and artefacts key to this long-dead and mysterious cult. However, as they delve deeper, the heroes are realising that this forgotten cult may not be as dead as most would believe:

Incense of Dreaming

Torch of Revealing

Fell Manuscript of the Black Cyst

The Journal of Gheznor Tonoff

Ancient Obelisk


Black Sun

the Elder Elemental Eye

Darkness in the Delimbiyr redtable