Skill and Feat Changes


  • Alchemy can be attempted by anyone with ranks in alchemy, there is no longer a specific need for spellcasting ability to attempt this practice.
  • Complex crafts, such as poisonmaking, brewing or alchemy, all require a laboratory or some manner of kit or device to create said products in order to function; without this object, you are unable to attempt said skill. This is because I found the idea of people making tanglefoot bags out scraps they found in their backpack or pocket-lint to be pretty stupid.


  • The improved toughness feat now works as follows: for every fighter feat that the character possesses, he gains 2 additional hit points. This works in a very similar manner to the psionic body feat.
  • The Draconic Aura feat may only be taken by someone with either the dragon type or the dragonblooded subtype.
  • Cohorts gained from the Leadership feat use the ‘Elite Array’, which is in fact a standard 25 point buy, and do not roll for ability scores.
  • The cohort gained from Leadership is an NPC, fully under my control outside of combat situations. As such, I will build and arm their character according to best fit their goals and general usefulness. They will not be built so as to overshadow the player’s character. They have their own hopes, dreams and goals, and will not appreciate being used as cannon fodder. In combat situations, they are fully under player control.
  • The followers gained from Leadership are only attracted if the player owns a permanent base of operations, be it a house, guildhall, or other manner of permanent settlement. He must be the owner of said residence, although other PC allies may live within it. If more than one PC with the Leadership feat resides here, it must be large enough to house all followers comfortably, if both claim it as a joint base of operations. If the player looses this base, his followers dwindle at the rate they arrived until he is able to re-establish his holdings, or obtain another such base.
  • If you wish to use a flaw, choose three of them, and I will assign what flaw you will actually receive. If you wish to use two flaws, choose three and I will assign one of the chosen, and then one at random, designed to specifically counter your character’s strengths. Keep in mind that choosing flaws that present no real drawback to your character design may be ignored and you may simply be given a flaw at random. Also, if your character does not seem to be hindered by the flaw, at some point in the future, your character will magically be cured of said flaw, as well as the bonus feat it gave.
  • The following feats, from this online article from one of the designers of, are available for use in our game: psychic meditation, deep psychic meditation. To view them, please follow this link
  • We are also using the feat landlord from the Stronghold Builder’s Guide; ask me if you have any more questions about this.

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Skill and Feat Changes

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