Risen Moon Market

Being a trading town on a major river across the savage frontier, almost anything can be found at the nigh-legendary dock-turned-market of Loudwater. All standard goods may be bought here, unusual or exotic goods may be bought at a 10% markup. Non-scroll or potion magical items over 400gp must be sought out individually, based on a Gather Information check, varying based on cost and difficulty.

Naturally, the agents of the Risen Moon are willing to help prospective buyers locate choice items, for a fee. They employ dozens of half-elves, who are naturally able to glean information and blend seamlessly between cultures to discover whatever they’ve been asked to find.

It is currently unknown who is the leadership of the Risen Moon – chances are this is no accident, as the reformed thieves guild has made many enemies, in its service to the city of Loudwater.

Guild Opportunities: The Risen Moon

The Risen Moon operates openly as an ‘information and appraising’ network, but is suspected of being a reformed thieves guild within Loudwater. Although they are technically outlaws, local authorities usually ignore their actions; they rarely cause much of a legal fuss, and their their intelligence and truly massive network of spies and informants is simply too valuable to pass up.

They may be interested in associating with particularly stealthy and skilled characters, should the opportunity present itself.

Risen Moon Market

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