Races Allowed

Please Note: Races not specifically mentioned here are not used. Also, we are using the Pathfinder d20 rules for the attributes of the starting races, as detailed here

Draconic: each core race has a variant that has a specific draconic legacy

Dwarves: Gold dwarf, Grey dwarf, Shield dwarf

Elves: Drow, Moon elf, Wood elf, Sun elf, Wild elf, Star elf

Half Elves: Half-drow, Half-elf, Half-aquatic

Gnomes: Forest gnome, Rock gnome, Svirfneblin

Orcish: Half-orc

Halflings: Lightfoot halfling, Ghostwise halfling, Strongheart halfling (has a +1 LA)

Human (ethnic groups):
  • Chondathan, central-based explorers (renaissance italy);
  • Damaran, north-eastern wilderness settlers (poland/german);
  • Tethyr, southern melting-pot (moorish spain/portugal/roman britain);
  • Illuskan, north-western norsemen (scandinavia);
  • Mulhorand, eastern theocratic magocracy (egyptian);
  • Rasheman, north-eastern magocratic gynocracy (russian/turkish);
  • Calimshan, far southern magocracy (arabian spain)
  • Aasimar,
  • Air genasi,
  • Earth genasi,
  • Fire genasi,
  • Teifling,
  • Water genasi

Note: There are no impediments for choosing a race that is not normally located in The North. It would be unusual, but not barred. Onward to Classes Allowed.

Races Allowed

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