The following knightly orders are available for any prospective paladin. Note that in the forgotten realms, you must chose a knightly order, from which your character belongs.

Arvoreen’s Marchers

An order founded in the lands south of Tethyr and recognized by the crown, they are highly respected by local humans and halflings alike. Their unique lifestyle affords them the ability to multi-class as clerics, fighters or rogues.

Companions of the Noble Heart

The Companions are the aggressive counterparts to the passive clerics of Illmater, deity of suffering. They are tasked with protecting their clerical counterparts, but also eliminating the cruel and those who are known to enjoy the torture and suffering of others. The church of Loviatar is their greatest enemy. They may multi-class as fighters.

Hammers of Moradin

These stout and stalwart dwarves are tasked by Moradin with protecting the vast dwarven realms from all manner of terror and underdark horror. Due to the danger involved, they may multi-class as clerics or fighters.

Knights of the Eternal Order

This is a recently-created order, founded by the newly-ascended god of death, Kelemvor. They are tasked to seek out all undead, but especially loathe powerful undead that tax balance between life and death, but also exist as a mockery of natural death. They may multi-class as clerics.

Knights of Merciful Judgment

This order focuses on the heart of Tyr’s philosophy, punishing criminals and law-breakers, but also being mindful of the compassionate nature of justice. They have a zeal for battling evil, extra-planar outsiders, such as devils and demons. Paladins of this order may freely multi-class as fighters, knights and clerics.

Order of the Aster

The paladins of the Morninglord are amongst the most well-known paladins across Faerun. Their tireless deeds in the service of the poor or downtrodden has made them particularly well-respected and loved across the realms. They may multi-class as clerics without penalty.

Order of the Golden Lion

Paladins within this Order may freely multi-class in a single other class, but this cannot overtake their paladin training. They are widely seen as paragons of loyalty and truth, in the service of the god of duty, Torm.

Order of the Most Radiant Heart

This paladin order is in the service of the ever-vigilant god Helm, who allows his paladins to freely multi-class as fighters, knights and clerics.

Order of the Red Falcon

A fledgling order of paladins who old the goddess of tactics, the Red Knight as their patron, this small order has a history of triumphing in the face of overwhelming odds. They train officers and others in tactics and military history. They may multi-class as fighters or knights.

Shields of the Golden Hills

Under the guidance of their gnome patron, Gaerdal Ironhand, this order is dedicated to defending gnome communities against any attackers and serving as officers and champions of larger gnome military assemblies. They may multi-class as clerics or fighters

Note that paladin-themed prestige classes do not count towards a paladin’s multi-classing limitations. If an Order lists Cleric as a choice for multi-classing, the faith of the cleric has to be the same as that of the Paladin’s Deity. Finally, any Order that lists Cleric as an acceptable multi-class may also allows a Favored Soul instead.

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