Broken Ones

This monastic order is dedicated to the spartan and simple god of suffering Illmater, and is easily the most popular and well-recognised within the North. The Broken Ones can freely multiclass as Clerics of Illmater to no ill-effect.

Children of the Passive Voice

These monks serve as guardians to libraries and abbeys, and are sometimes are sent to find lost stores of knowledge. They may freely multi-class as Truenamers, or Clerics of Oghma.

Disciples of the Phoenix

This order is very insular and has a rigid tradition of study and fighting style, as well as behavioral taboos. They are the most likely to espouse the purifying and redeeming aspects of their seemingly uncaring deity’s element. Disciples of the Phoenix are able to freely multi-class as clerics of Kossuth without violating their multi-classing restrictions.

Hin Fist

Halflings from far-off Lurien have trained in the monastic way of life in order to turn their unbridled confidence into a mastery of their own small forms and the world around them; although a rarity, they have been known to accept the occasional gnome or dwarf. They venerate the fair halfling goddess Yondalla. Those of the Hin Fist are able to freely multi-class as clerics, paladins or rogues without violating their multi-classing restrictions.

Old Order

Monks of the Old Order do not worship any particular deity, and instead come to view themselves as a group of like-minded practitioners of a truly ancient and formidable art. Likewise, while many of the Old Order do espouse a religious belief, this order does not specifically hold one deity over another. Its members may freely multi-class as Sorcerers or Rogues, but their monk levels must be more than all other levels combined. For all terms and purposes, this monastic order is considered the “default” option for most monks.

Shining Hand

A truly ancient monastic tradition from the more southerly lands, beyond the North, it’s influence and respect has slowly improved in colder regions as of late. These monks are in the employ of the god of mages, Azuth, and may freely multi-class as Wizards, as long as their monk levels as higher than their wizard levels.

Sun Soul

An allegiance of widespread but fairly disorganised monks in the duty of Lathander have a fairly low agenda, but can become vicious opponents to any who threaten the lands that good and fair folk live upon. Sun Soul monks may freely progress in a single other class without violating their multi-class restrictions, as long as monk is their highest class.

Note that monk-themed prestige classes do not count towards a monks multi-classing limitations. If an Order lists Cleric as a choice for multi-classing, the faith of the cleric has to be the same as that of the Order. Also, for the purposes of multi-classing, ‘Cleric’ is interchangeable with ‘Favored Soul’ in all cases.

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