Easily the largest settlement in Delimbiyr Vale, Loudwater is encircled by a wall of timber and stone more than 20 feet high. Loudwater is defended by patrols of warriors, usually twenty strong, who muster some five-hundred in all, under the command of High Lord of Loudwater, Nathanalor Greyblade.

The stone and wood buildings of the town are of all shapes and sizes, overgrown by hanging plants and ivy until they seem to blend almost back into the forest itself, evincing an elven lineage at least in architecture. The river with a spectacular arching bridge made over a thousand years ago by the dwarf lirkos Stoneshoulder for the elves who lived there at the time. Iirkos, a master artisan from Zhedarak, developed this pleasant and prosperous city of humans and half-elves offers a well-defended rest for caravans and riverboats.


A recent march of goblins, led by foul northern wyrms fell upon loudwater and spilled over its defences. This was only compounded by the horrible effects of the Summonplague, but the seige was broken in due time by several adventuring companies and the selfless acts of some of Loudwater’s most powerful native inhabitants. With victory also comes terrible burden, as taxes and levies have been weighed against the citizenry in hopes of rebuilding and fortifying the gem of the Delimbiyr before any other hordes of the North figure the wounded city easy prey.

Places of Interest

The Seven Stringed Harp is a sprawling, mis-shapen tavern that caters to exotic – albeit gaudy – tastes.

The Scarlet Shield, a quiet and relaxing place for a mug of mulled cider. Most adventurers would steer clear of this place, lest they value long conversations about farming and crop-raising.

The Gilded Drake caters to a finer palette, but is still a location born wholly of the rough-and-tumble Silver Marches.

The Gods’ Halls is a place where any good or neutral faithful may turn for ministration, healing or advice.

Risen Moon Market, with a trading town on a major river across the savage frontier, almost anything can be found at the dock-market.

Arcane University of Loudwater


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