History & Establishment

Llorkh was founded by the survivors of the disasters of the empire of Netheril, and remained a forgettable, and sleepy hill-town at the foot of the Greypeak Mountains for centuries. However, a century ago, the population was bolstered by two factors; firstly, the discovery of rich veins of iron ore close by, and secondly, the ensuing settlement of pioneers from the rest of the Delimbiyr Vale, and pioneers from Waterdeep, sponsored by Waterdhavian families. This also attracted dwarves in great numbers, who soon became the small city’s most prominent minority, with some 500 dwarves set against some two-thousand humans.

More Recently

Around the time that ore production from the nearby hills started to wane, Zhentarim agents began to arrive. Almost overnight, the agents of the mysterious trading consortium had all but taken over the town, having installed their own loyalist regent, a mage of no small talent, Geildarr Ithym. Shortly after, four hundred purple-cloaked Zhentarim militia arrived, to protect the land-holding. Soon after, decent folk left in droves, bringing the dwarves with them, and caravans began to arrive from the Anauroch. Lorkh thus became the western end of the Zhentarim trade route, known as The Black Road. The Zhentarim maintain a significant number of soldiers and three hundred purple-cloaked militia, who defend their interests in Llorkh against frequent orc raids, adventurers and ungrateful townsfolk.


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