Library of Dumathoin

Although appearing to be a mere burial crypt built into the border-walls of Zhedarak, this temple to the dwarven god of secrets under the mountain is actually a fairly extensive complex. The halls of this stone library are hidden deep underground, protected by the very mountain itself. The crypt is a stout building of obvious dwarvencraft, some fourty feet across, with a hulking iron gate similar to a dwarven fortress’. Down the twisting stairs a short distance later one finds the main temple, walls filled with books and ancient runes and the Doomwardens, the dwarves of dumathoin. Their Doomseer Tharanak Stonefist, although silent on most matters, is quite learned and may use his powers to aid travellers, for an appropriate donation of course.

Due to the great interest that the Doomwardens have with ancient Ammarindar, they are sponsoring quite an active campaign, lead by Thunderlord Kressel Ironhide. While some may consider this a wasteful fantasy taken form, the recent trickle of augment crystals from the buried arcane college of Xothol has rekindled the hopes of Thunderlord Kressel Ironhide anew.

Guild Opportunity: The Ammarindar Reclamation & Restoration Front

The valiant and boastful dwarf paladin, Thunderlord Kressel Ironhide, oversees almost daily forays into the fallen depths of the Greypeaks, in hopes of reclaiming even a fraction of the stature of the fallen Dwarven Citadel Ammarindar. While not entirely motivated by wealth, he does know that what lies beneath could easily allow for further expansion and at least a ten-fold advancement for his cause. Countless tunnels and passages have been built, in hopes of finding a reliable method into the fallen citadel.

His agreement with the Library of Dumathoin is unknown, but it is believed that they welcome the strength of arms he and his doughty warriors bring, and he in turn benefits from their seers and diviners.

Library of Dumathoin

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