Item Rules

  • The “X charges per day” items, such as the ones from the Magic Item Compendium, must be worn for 24 hours before functioning, whilst they attune themselves to the wearer. This is done primarily to prevent people from stocking up on 7 or more healing belts and generally cheesing-out the system.
  • Healing salve turns 1d8 points of lethal damage into non-lethal damage. Non-lethal damage heals by the hour, making this effective, but less powerful than a potion of cure light wounds.

Note that we are using all of the alchemical items from the Dragon Magazine Compendium – ask me if you have further questions about this.

  • Poison and disease are generally the tools of evil monsters and characters, being implements of corruption and destruction. Using poison that deals ability damage is an evil act because it causes undue suffering in the process of incapacitating or killing an opponent.
  • If a poison does not cause ability damage, it is generally considered to be a ‘drug’ and is neither a particularly evil nor illegal act within most cities. Examples of such substances would be oil of taggit or most ironically, a number of drow poisons, who vastly prefer subduing and immobilising their foes.
  • Ravages (Book of Exalted Deeds) and positoxins (Libris Mortis) are a supernatural form of poison created by powerful holy magic and are completely accepted within most societies, as they only affect evil creatures. Typically, both of these have additional, powerful affects against evil outsiders and undead.
  • Psychoactive Skins require the user to expend their psionic focus, meaning that only psionic characters can operate such psychic devices.

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Item Rules

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