High Forest

A vast region of old forest growth that stretches from the Nether Mountains range in the north to near the settlement of Secomber in the south, and along the Dessarin Valley along the western face. The eastern border of the High Forest follows the course of the rivers which flow through the Delimbiyr Vale, past the Greypeak Mountains then bends to the southwest to pass north of the High Moor. The forest up to 500 miles across, and is considered the greatest forest in Faerûn, covering nearly 20% of the lands of what is called the “Savage Frontier.”

What lies within this deep forest is somewhat of a mystery, as few outsiders travel to the heart of the dark wood. The more notable locations in the forest include the majestic Star Mounts provide the headwaters of the Unicorn Run and the Heartblood River; the Lost Peaks in the northwest that form the headwaters of the Dessarin river; the fabled Grandfather tree; the Dire Woods in the east; as well as many dungeons, ruins, abandoned settlements, and mysterious locales.

Among the known inhabitants of the woods are the aarakocra among the Star Mounts, centaurs, dragons, drow, a few elves and humans, gnomes, korred, gnolls, orcs, pegasi, pixies, satyrs, treants, and unicorns. The few humans who dwell here are generally rangers, druids, or adventurers used to surviving in wild environments. Trade with the outside world is infrequent, as the forest is self-sufficient and its resources provide for the inhabitants.

In the past the forest formed part of the elven kingdom of Eaerlann. However, most of the elves have since departed to join the retreat to Evermeet. The forest is no longer ruled by any one group, but instead contains many forces and groups in competition. However, wood elves are growing in numbers and seek to reestablish the kingdom of Eaerlann. Standing in their way, however, are innumerable tribes of orcs, gnolls, and an alliance of demon-spawned elves from Hellgate Keep.

Guild Opportunities: Emerald Rise

The stoic leadership of this elven group is considered young by many of his peers, even though he is already over two centuries old. He has relaxed his druidic strictures, in order to best represent the fair folk that live within his forest. He knows the location of many of High Forest’s best kept secrets – rumours are that he is even aware of the powerful ley lines (sometimes called touchstones) that crisscross the land invisibly, thrumming with untold power. both touchstones. He is fairly unimpressed with civilization and all of its finery and trappings.

Although considered the leader of the Emerald Rise, this position is mostly in name only, and does not denote untold power; his advisors and confidants are all druids of unknown, but considerably great power.

High Forest

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