The following changes have been made to all Hexblades:

  • Good Fortitude saves.
  • Curse ability usable (1 + Cha. modifier) per day
  • Curse ability usable as a swift action
  • Curse ability does not count as used if the target makes his saving throw
  • Ability to cast in light armor and while carrying a light shield or buckler; At 8th level, gain the ability to cast in medium armour as well.
  • Hexblades may take the various hexblade curses featured in Dragon #339 as bonus feats, in addition to their normal bonus feats.
  • At 6th level, the hexblade can cast one hexblade spell per day as a swift action, as long as its original casting time is a standard action or faster. He gains an additional use of this power at levels 8, 11, 14, and 18.

The key to the hexblade is his curse ability, but it’s a little un-fun to have it so limited in use. The hexblade also has trouble casting spells and using his melee attacks, so shifting spells to swift actions fits in with the idea of an armored mage.

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