Classes Allowed

Archivist (heroes of horror); A scholarly wielder of divine magic and prayer who focuses on the accumulation of divine knowledge to best combat the forces of destruction and darkness

Ardent (complete psionic); These psionic characters seek to embody the philosophies that their deities represent; directly tapping and drawing upon such ideals, and manifesting into reality through their psychic ability.

Barbarian; A ferocious warrior who uses fury and instinct to outlast and bring down his foes

Bard; A social jack-of-all-trades, but master of none; dabbles in spells, songs and arcane lore

Beguiler (player’s handbook II); Akin to rogues, but possess a small suite of illusion and enchantment spells and abilities

Binder (tome of magic); The keeper of spirits beyond time, able to bind souls of legendary beings to gain benefits

Cleric; A master of divine prayers and powers, as well as an accomplished defender of his faith

Divine Mind (complete psionic); A divine mind possesses a host of psionic powers directly inspired by the character’s patron deity, truly making them an extension of their deity’s will in the mortal world

Dragon Shaman (player’s handbook II); Earn their totem’s powers by making a spiritual pact with a specific type of dragon

Dragonfire Adept (dragon magic); They receive spell-like invocations and powers through a spiritual tie to dragonkind

Druid; A divine caster that gains its power from being at one with nature

Duskblade (player’s handbook II); Warriors that combine martial prowess and the ability to cast battle-magics while armoured

Factotum (dungeonscape); The skilled jacks-of-all-trades, who mimics the abilities of others

Favored Soul (complete divine); A blessed character, using divine magics with an innate and surprising ease

Fighter; Masters of many differing styles of combat and are as varied as the lands they come from

Healer (miniatures handbook); Devout spellcasters, they are unique among the members of their churches in that they typically remain entirely apolitical, choosing to fulfill their oath to heal the sick and injured at all times

Hexblade (complete warrior); Along with their martial prowess, hexblades uses curses and magics to hinder their foes

Incarnate (magic of incarnum); Able to tap the Weave without the use of spells, and shape this substance of raw magics

Knight (player’s handbook II); This proud warrior specializes in honorable combat and one-on-one duels of skill

Lurk (complete psionic); A sly, psychically-active character, who uses the dark depths of his mind to confound foes and accentuate his already stealthy nature

Marshal (miniatures handbook); These warriors rally the allies around them and spurring them to untold victories, possessed of keen natural talent and superb battle experiences

Monk; An unarmed warrior who strikes fast and hard, his mastery of the self unlocks new powers; each monk must belong to a monastic tradition known as an ‘order’, dedicated to a specific deity

Ninja (complete adventurer); The origins of these stealthy assassins can be traced to the drow of the Underdark, who developed this sinister tradition alongside the distant, eastern lands many hundreds of years ago

Paladin; A champion of benevolent justice who holds archetypal spiritual views; each paladin belongs to an order that is in service of a specific deity

Psion (expanded psionic handbook); A disciplined practitioner of psionic powers and extreme mental prowess

Psychic Warrior (expanded psionic handbook); A devoted warrior who blends the inner workings of his mind with his blades

Ranger; The skilled hunter and stalker, his home is the wilderness he protects and patrols

Rogue; A stealthy figure who wins the battle by deceit and stealth rather than brute force

Scout (complete adventurer); Scouts are experts at tracking and natural lore, and are similar to a wilderness-based rogue

Shadowcaster (tome of magic); A user of the magic-like mysteries and alien energies from the plane of shadow

Sorcerer; A spellcaster born with natural magical ability, derived from an ancient bloodline of dragons

Soulborn (magic of incarnum); Warriors unwittingly derive power by channeling their moral fervor from the Weave

Soulknife (expanded psionic handbook); An exotic who fights with a personalised weapon of pure thought, called from his mind

Specialist Wizard (all except Necromancer); Known by many names, they seek to perfect their chosen school of magic

Spirit Shaman (complete divine); Through communing with the spirit world, they are able to request both spells and aid

Swashbuckler (complete warrior); Favoring light armor and finesse, these stylish warriors are a fusion of fighter and rogue

Totemist (magic of incarnum); Derive abilities from the ancient magics imprinted on the Weave that was leaked when gods, powerful beings and the Netherese experimented in the creation of magical beasts

Truenamer (tome of magic); A master of true-naming – the very language of creation – he is able to influence allies, foes and the very landscape with his complex and bizarre sounding syllables

Warlock (complete arcane); With a fiendish or fae past, their mysterious powers are called from their inner darkness

Warmage (complete arcane); A militant spellcaster who uses destructive magics specialized in battlefield use

Wilder (expanded psionic handbook); An unskilled and natural talent who wields barely-controlled psionic energies

Wizard; A potent mage formally schooled in the arcane arts, casting their spells from book and scroll

A Note On Class Creation

  • There are alternate class features for most classes in the PHB2 and Complete Mage and Complete Champion, so ask me about these first.
  • Evil classes or abilities are not particularly heroic and not used in this campaign.
  • Any class that has a link indicates that it has been ‘fixed’ for game balance purposes, and so as to better fit the campaign. I encourage you to view these links while investigating your next character choice.
  • Most things found on the web are not allowed, even if they’re made or endorsed by Wizards of the Coast. This is subject to personal judgement, per each case; if you are allowed to use a unique, online-only option, realise that your friend may not be able to.

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Classes Allowed

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