Character Creation

1. Roll six sets of 4d6, drop the lowest and arrange scores as you like; or a 28 point buy. Once chosen you cannot change this choice. Add up all of the ability modifiers and if your total ability bonus is +2 or less, you may re-roll another character.

2. PCs have access to every Wizards of the Coast 3.5 sourcebook for purposes of selecting races, classes, feats, etc. Keep in mind if you attempt to break the game or ultra-cheese your character out, you may just make me aware of some unbeatable combo that all of a sudden every villain is now aware of.

3. No more than one-half of your starting money can be spent on a single item, and no more than one-quarter of your starting items may be consumables, such as potions and scrolls.

4. Players whos characters die cannot come back as a clone of their former self. ie: the player of Bart the Mighty, a 12th level barbarian, cannot make a new character called Mart the Bighty, who is also a 12th level barbarian. You must change your class, but are not required to change race.

5. Players whos characters die come back at one level lower than they previous character. However, this level reduction will never drop them more than 2 levels lower than the overall party level, even in the case of multiple deaths for unlucky players.

6. Players whos characters die are assumed to use the previous characters’ wealth as a primary source of income, supplemented with their own, newly-rolled income. If other players are stingy, or feel they can use their newly-departed friend as a source of cheap income at the expense of an endless stream of new characters; the Gods may chose to curse these greedy actions, and you may die for no good reason at all.

7. A player who rolls up a new character will be given experience rounded to the nearest 20% of his previous character. ie: If your now departed character was 75% through a level, your next will start one level lower (due to death) but also at 80% of what is required. This number is rounded up or down, depending on which is closer.

8. Flaws are used, covered more in detail here Skill and Feat Changes. Read about them on the d20srd here

9. Traits may be chosen, to help flesh out your character better. Find them on the d20srd here

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Character Creation

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