Arcane University of Loudwater

This massive, sprawling university is home to most anyone skilled in the Art, and even boasts a small, but expertly skilled cadre of practitioners in the invisible Art – something of a rarity in the North. This university has no official religion denomination, but has smatterings of the faithful of Azuth, Mystra, Savras and Oghma, as well as smaller shrines and offerings to numerous other deities of magic.

Guild Opportunities: The Grey Enclave

Although not officially connected to the Arcane University of Loudwater, the dean of the college Melthaan was the head researcher and scholar of this small assembly of like-minded and talented individuals. They take their name from the rock that built their towers – as well as their neutral and unbiased pursuit of knowledge – and are keenly interested in new additions to both the Weave and the Art. High Magus Bartomble Deeg has since taken over for Melthaan in his absence.

Melthaan vanished in a cataclysmic explosion of raw weave-energies high above the city of Loudwater in a titanic battle in the sky against a trio of rampaging shade-drakes; he is believed to be dead, but shall forever be remembered to the people of his city and college as a hero.

Arcane University of Loudwater

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