Anauroch, the Great Desert, is a barren wasteland that forms the eastern border of the Savage Frontier – a vast mass of steppeland, rocky wastes, and sandy desert that runs from the Uttermost North almost to the Lake of Dragons. Over the millennia, it has crept south, swallowing the Narrow Sea and destroying ancient civilizations. Desert creatures and monsters often wander into the eastern fringes of the Savage Frontier. Nomad tribes from the desert visit Sundabar and Llorkh on occasion, though such visits are few. The men of the desert often trade for goods with relics of ancient design.

The Bedine nomads are simplistic in nature who survive by raiding and guiding caravans through the hidden passes, making their home on the surface of the wastes, traveling from oasis to oasis. They’re divided into a dozen or so minor tribes lead by sheiks, whose wealth is measured not by gold, but by the size and well-being of their herd.

The area of the Great Desert is a collection of different types of deserts and includes the hot sandy wastes similar to the Dust Desert of Raurin, rocky badlands with very sparse scrubs and no available water, basins filled with salt flats and prickly cacti, sandstone mountains carved by wind into bizarre shapes, and polar steppes and icy wastes in the north that rival those of Vaasa. In general, it is as inhospitable a place as can be found on the surface of Toril.

Recent News

Barely a year ago, panicked herdsmen and amateur astronomers reported that a vast darkness had descended upon a point in this great desert. They claim it is a storm of endless night, and at the center exists a massive city Thultanthar, seemingly carven from black glass and thorny, tarnished metals. These inhabitants are the Shadovar, powerful mages come from the Demiplane of Shadow.


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