Allfathers Forge

Although ore from the Greypeak Mountains had slowed to a trickle well over a century ago, an impressive number of gnomes have taken it upon themselves to see this neglected forge turned to good use. What was once primarily an ore-smelting forge has been retrofitted partially into a battle-smithy and tinkering laboratory. While anyone can guess just how successful the gnomes are, they have increased trade to the area again and given many dwarves the joy of working with a passable forge – something missing from this area for over a century.

The forgemaster is dwarven artisan, Turgus Slatebrow a rather cheerful dwarf who claims to use the very souls of the departed to empower his unique creations. Whether whimsy or fact remains to be seen, but none can doubt the quality of his craftsmanship, nor how a dwarf smith with no real knowledge of magic is able to produce enchanted and ensorcelled blades and shields.

Guild Opportunities: The Ammarindar Reclamation & Restoration Front

Thunderlord Kressel Ironhide almost weekly sends forays into the fallen depths of the Greypeaks, in hopes of reclaiming even a fraction of the stature of the fallen Dwarven Citadel Ammarindar. While not entirely motivated by wealth, he does know that what lies beneath could easily allow for further expansion and at least a ten-fold advancement for his cause. Likewise, he has an uneasy truce with the stone giants of the area, but his efforts are threatened daily by encroaching dekanter goblins, dragons and goblinoid hordes. However, the recent trickle of augment crystals from the buried arcane college of Xothol has rekindled his hopes anew.

Guild Opportunities: A Guild For Gnomes That Involves The Golden Gear & Some Tinkering…What? Why? I Dunno ask Barry, He Had It Last!

Barfe Stumbleworthy is perhaps the closest thing to a living stereotype that Zhedarak will come across. He is a self-proclaimed designer of all things metallic, an avid arborist, a collector of early 4th century Tethyrian Burial Urns and a mostly self-taught lawyer. Barfe got his own rather un-gnomish name with his first (and last) medium-scale foray into brewing a new type of juniper beer, using heat and steam instead of regular fermentation.

He is also the self-proclaimed organizer of the “Golden Gear” for the Delimbyr Vale. The outlandish name was originally an administrative error caused during a report to the main executive branch of the Golden Gear, in Lantan, when a misfiring long-thought globe that was placed too close to a wild magic zone. Barfe explains ”...well over 200 omni-latinum plates were pressed before we’d realized what had happened!”, so the rather unique district name was kept. However, most refer to it as ‘The Golden Gear’.

It is assumed that anyone who wants help from the ‘keen edge of technological advancement’ with their crafting would ask the gnomes for a hand.

Allfathers Forge

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