Darkness in the Delimbiyr

Zhedarak Aflame

During the brief downtime the heroes enjoyed, mostly to pawn some of the items they had liberated from the vile cultists inhabiting the fallen Brittlebury Enclave, resting, and focusing upon their abilities. Strangely, the hexblade was complaining about strange itchiness in his limbs and found that his eyes were inexplicably sensitive to bright lights. The cleric, worried about the health of his friend and bodyguard, examined him thoroughly for disease or curses, and discovered – with the help of the warlock – that the hexblade was now more than human, and had somehow taken on a specific few draconic qualities, and in his veins flowed the faintest trace of dragon’s blood. They reasoned this must have been a magical aberration that happened during the battle with the chaos dragon. Indeed, a lucky blow by the hideous weapon the psywarrior held easily sprayed chaos-infused blood and viscera upon the hexblade during the battle. Alerach was pleased with this new development, and redoubled a new martial path, keen on tracking and dispatching beings – both beast and men – who would abuse, or endanger magic to harm others, or himself.

The psion concentrated upon his studies and meditation deeply, often spending long hours meditating and pondering the inner secrets of his mind, with his psywarrior ally traded this “leisure” time between swordplay and meditating upon the secrets of the blade. The cleric spent long hours secluded in prayer and enlightenment, understanding the more esoteric and divine secrets that Oghma held.

When this was over, they made their rounds and ensured that no agents of draconic creatures had made their way into the town and were determined to somehow break the magical curse-slumber of the highest authority at the Library of Dumathoin, Doomseer Tharanak Stonefist. His continued absence was being strongly felt, and many within the clergy were worried that dragons would indeed be soaring high upon the horizon any day now. The cleric offered his abilities of divination – indeed, barring the fallen High Doomseer, he was perhaps the strongest diviner in the entire area now – and discovered that there was indeed a wing taken flight. Other questions were asked, but Oghma refused to reveal the fate of the precocious cleric just yet.


DC 20 arcana to realize the city’s walls are built in the shape of a massive protective rune, except there is one area to the north where the wall has partially come down. DC 30 spellcraft to understand that this massive rune-circuit was keyed to the library itself, and built around it, perhaps ages ago to protect Zhedarak. However, based on the rarity of this knowledge, there is perhaps none who actually know about it. Rebuilding the broken wall causes: ”...the elder doomwarden opens his eyes, but begins hacking and coughing a black bile, which silthers almost as a liquid shadow, out of the library before anyone can react.” The clerics remain inside and immediately begin activating the temple’s defenses. the Heroes should exit after it. Once outside, an aspect of the elder eye (aspect of Nerull, p.53 in the MH) forms from this black mass and attacks the party in main courtyard: ”...the bubbling black pile streaks across the courtyard, stopping in its midst. as it rumbles and boils in mid-air, people frantically begin to rush the gates to escape this place. a strange, blackish glue bubbles from the ground and seals closed the main gates of the library with a mottled grey slime. The blob grows and forms a massive and gaunt, faceless skeletal man with blackish, blood-like ooze running over its body. There are skulls and mouths covering the entire body, which is adorned in a tattered, wet sinew-like robe. A slender, snake-like black tentacle grows from its fingers and whips angrily, shredding nearby trees and cutting the earth deeply, as it hisses at you.” Nerull’s scythe is replaced with a blackish tentacle strike that grows teeth when it slams slams with the same power of said aspect. Replace the ‘Inflict critical wounds” with a burst of burning, acrid heat that erupt from its body as insubstantial wisps “as inflict moderate wounds”. DC 20 will for half. it also has the following defenses: DR 5/epic, Immune to poison and electricity. Resist acid, cold, fire 10. ”...screaming and guards flee the courtyard, as the icy tendrils of gellid black ice snake along the ground and over the gates

.... upon the aspect’s death: The thing melts screaming and bubbling into the ground, as its bones burn up, like wood in super-heated tar. You clearly see the shrieking skeleton attempting to pull itself free of the black bile, but it quickly burns up while frantically clawing the ground around it. The elder doomwarden explains that the wall may be rebuilt, but the warding magics will not re-attune themselves unless they can find the components of the original magic. he knows that one such ingredient was some pure rock from Mithrilheart, but will have to seek prayer and divination for the rest…

then a young adult red dragon, one hell of a fight (that was much less deadly because a certain diviner basically KNEW exactly what was coming and told the whole damned group) and then the city was safe…but for how long?

Forever. It was safe forever because the campaign was over. They won. I suppose.


Thanks for posting your adventure summaries. It was a good read!

Zhedarak Aflame

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