Darkness in the Delimbiyr

A Recollection of the Past

The Neverending Slumber of Doomseer Tharanak Stonefist

Recently, he has fallen into a deep sleep from which he cannot wake. All attempts at curing this mysterious ailment – through either magical or mundane means – have ultimately failed, as have any and all attempts to magically divine the cause of this dire coma. Curiously, spell, prayer and psychic power seem to indicate that nothing at all is wrong with him, and the clerics of Dumathoin are beginning to suspect foul play. His last cryptic words were ”...climb…the skies above…”

Searching for the Gloves of the Starry Night

Haigo Baus and his hexblade companion Alerach were interested in seeking out a pair of these rare, but powerful gloves. Haigo was going to try to use his divinations to seek out the closest pair, as they would benefit either one of the heroes.

The Walking Dead of the Brittlebury Enclave

Haigo’s earlier divination and prayers have indicated that there is a connection with someone – or something – that is currently within the fallen gnome enclave. Earlier attempts by the group to scout it out found the area mired with corrupted water elementals, and apparently filled with undead.



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